Class of 2019!

Hello everyone! It is Monday already can you believe it?! The weekend is never long enough! Well last week Amaretto celebrated their 9th Graduation for the Amaretto Ranch University.

We had a blast and we got to recognize all of the graduates that were in attendance. Take a look at the Graduating Class of 2019!!!

Here is a complete list of graduates:
Holge rPapp
Kim1 Miami
CandyGurl Bing
Alvin Burner
Tudi Teardrop
Chandiny Levee
IceAngel Firecaster
alexi Gartle
PatyMiss Resident
Mɪᴄʜᴀ Dᴇᴠʟɪɴ (michadevlin)
ღJαşєггαღ (Jaserra Resident)
KainSparda Resident
Tanabrisa Resident
Claudieyne Resident
Lord Damien
Joni Tinkel

Did you know that all the above listed people sat thru 47 classes to get their Certificate of Completion?? I do want to say one thing and I hope no one takes offense if you are attending the ARU classes in hopes of getting special ARU animals you should stop now. There have been classes who got lots of gifts classes that got no gifts, ARU is not about the gifts. If you are attending ARU in hopes to get a free horse or any animal I have bad news, Amaretto has never said we will give gifts to graduates in exchange for them attending classes.

Just for kicks in case someone doesn’t understand what a gift is
noun: gift; plural noun: gifts

  1. a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.

Amaretto does appreciate the breedable community and people that use our products, so if we did choose to give you a gift then that is what we will do.

If you have any questions about the ARU or classes offered please contact me in world. I hope everyone has a great Monday and Congrats Grads!


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