How do I reply?

Well i wanted to talk o everyone for a min about something that I have been seeing a lot of lately. We all know that its no fun to file a ticket cause that means there is a problem! Amaretto tries to make it as painless as possible, however we need some help from you guys.

Have you ever seen anyone in the group saying Amaretto hasnt answered my ticket and they closed it! Well let me tell you that Amaretto does answer every ticket, and never close anything without a response, even if we tell you that we cant fix your problem we will always respond.

So one thing that you can do to help us is by not filing multiple tickets for the same issue or a related issue from another ticket.

However there are times that we can not proceed with a ticket until we get all info needed to solve your problem.
If you leave any ticket unresponded to for 3 days your ticket will be closed, but that is only after we have waited for 3 days for your response.

So what should you do if you need to respond to a ticket that you already have open?

Here are the steps to reply to your ticket:

  1. After you have logged in find the button on the top menu bar that says View Tickets.
  2. Once you are in this view you will see your ticket list.
  3. To view your ticket and make a reply click on the title of the ticket above the status bar for it
  4. Once in the ticket you can post a reply in the upper right hand corner with the post reply button
  5. Be sure to reopen the ticket or your response will not be seen

This even works if your ticket was closed because you did not respond within 3 days.

Remember PLEASE DO NOT FILE DUPLICATE TICKETS FOR THE SAME ISSUE. It can cause confusion for the staff and can also delay the ticket process. Tickets can duplicate from hitting refresh on the web page after filing a support ticket. If this is the case, please refrain from hitting refresh when filing future tickets.

If you ever have trouble logging in or filing a ticket please contact me in world Avalon Crystal. Well happy breeding everyone!


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