Shake ya groove thang!

Woot Woot, this connection is coming to live from the Amaretto Night Club!! We getting down here to some hot disco tunes… Boogie Oogie Oogie!!! Ayanna Slade is blowin bubbles and skatin around, LaCella is chillin on the dance floor keeping the splooder pumped, Arion Christenson and his afro to Mexx Merlin right under the bright lights of the disco ball! WOOT WOOT – you guys sure know how to boogie! Our next party time is Feb 25th at Club Amaretto with our own in house DJ Avalon … WOOT WOOT

This weeks connection is to remind you all that weekly the Amaretto Breedables CSRs are hosting live events. From Kennel Hunting, Games Night, Ferver Ball and LIVE DJs … So check the Amaretto Calanders at any Amaretto store for our next event!

Do the hussle!



As always this connection was brought to you by the Letter O and the Number 13


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