Updating Your Craved Makers

With each new month’s Craved announcements comes the mad scramble to find the right bundles/kennels/nests/baskets. Once you find them, don’t forget to make sure they’re all the latest version for each breed-6.01 for horses, 2.2 for dogs, 3.0 for chickens, and 1.20 for ponie pals. Luckily the bird incubator will take your older nests and hatch them out as current versions, but if you’re using older live birds get the 3.0/1.1 updater. If you don’t have any of the updaters, they’re freely available at any of the Amaretto food stores. Remember they have to be current version, or you’ll get text that says “EXPIRED BREEDING”, the drops wont be viable and wont be fixed


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