Happy 9th Birthday Amaretto!

Hello everyone! Its Monday and we are back to the grind! If you got to enjoy a 3 day weekend i hope you are soaking up some relaxing vibes, I know i need some after all the birthday craziness we had!

So I wanted to recap all the birthday surprises!
We kicked the weekend off with a band by offering double haven points on all of our Amaretto Animals!

The surprises continued to roll on Sunday at 12 am until midnight any Amaretto Breedable dropped could be 9th Birthday Animal! Just a reminder these special animals DO have the ability to pass their coats!

There was even a surprise sale that is still going on if you hurry to the main store locations! But time is running out!

Next it was time to party! The party started at 11 and we didnt stop until 4:30 pm!
We had lots of winners! Here is a list of all winners!

Lamia Starspear
Monavie Voight
Rinoa Ireto
moxlox resident
Saphwyn Resident
J’nae Silverfall
Hailey Bernstein
Bcreative Wilde
Molly Lundquist
Thommes Voyager
Redrosemoon Resident
loveangel60 Resident
Greyvenney Resident
Starrienight Baxton
Safiya Silversmith
Congrats to the prize winners!

We also announced all the winners of the Breeders Choice Awards congrats to everyone who won and was nominated!
Here is a list of the winners:

Best Auction House – E & S Breedables
Best Breedable Market – Kents Country Ranch
Best Auctioneer – Avalon Crystal
Best Amaretto Collection -Sprinkles Monday
Most Creative Horse Breeder -Sedan7777 Resident
Most Creative K-9 Breeder – Eve Greymoon
Most Creative Bird Breeder – Snookiegirl Resident
Most Creative Ponie Breeder – Greyvenney Resident
Most Helpful Breeder – Anaconda Carter
Most Comedic Breeder – meatylolipop Walpole
Sexiest Breeder – Markus Margulis
Wiki Wizard – Bastian Hax

Lets talk about the Rune Horses that were released after the party, anytime you breed any combo of the following eyes:
Rune Citrine
Rune Erinite
Rune Fuchsia
Rune Indicolite
Rune Siam
Rune Tanzanite

Let me stress these Rune Eyes are the only ones that qualify you at a chance of making a Rune Horse! Rune Horses DO NOT have the ability to pass their coat! Here is a wiki link to the eyes that will work to get a Rune Horse!

The birthday was great and I want to thank all of you who celebrated with us! Next year makes 10 and it will be bigger and better! Happy Breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!


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