Missing Bundles?

HELP my bundle didnt drop!

So your breedable baby didn’t drop when it should but the mother is showing recovery? The first thing recommended is to check your prim allowance, then rerez the mother. If you dont have enough prims for the baby to drop you can temporarily pick up another object. Always make sure she is rezzed in the land group. She will try to rez again.
If nothing happens at first, try waiting an hour or so for another attempt. If all else fails, you can file a ticket with Amaretto by logging in to the support site http://support.amarettobreedables.com/index.php They will need the information on the mother including her UUID which you can get by editing her and copy/paste the info on the description line to the ticket. Remember to check back on the ticket itself in case of further instructions from your CSR.
Happy Breeding and Good Luck!


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