Amaretto Ponie Oasis

Happy Saturday everyone hope you are having a terrific day!

Today I want to shine the spotlight on the Amaretto Ponie Oasis!

Do you have a Ponie or Basket that you would like to send to Ponie Oasis? It is really simple to send your ponie to Ponie Oasis and you will receive Ponie Points back that you can use to buy some really awesome stuff!

The Ponie Oasis Ponie Points Reward system will Reward you for your Ponie Pals in the following way:

  • Starter Style = 100 Ponie Points
  • Hidden Style = 200 Ponie Points
  • Starter Eye = 100 Ponie Points
  • Hidden Eye = 200 Ponie Points
  • Starter Mane = 100 Ponie Points
  • Hidden Mane = 200 Ponie Points
  • Starter Tail = 100 Ponie Points
  • Hidden Tail = 200 Ponie Points
  • Every Generation lost = 100 Ponie Points

You will be able to trade your Ponie Points for items in world at a Ponie Oasis vendor for the following:

  • Amaretto Ponie Pals Ponie Noodle Soup 10,000 Ponie Points
  • Amaretto Ponie Pal Rainbow Cake Surprise 12,000 Ponie Points
  • Amaretto Ponie Pal Moxie Sundae 10,000 Ponie Points
  • Amaretto Ponie Pal Energize Me 6,000 Ponie Points
  • Amaretto Oasis Ponie – Mardi Gras Femme 200,000 Ponie Points
  • Amaretto Oasis Ponie – Mardi Gras Homme 400,000 Ponie Points

How to Use your Ponie Points: Simply go to any of our Ponie store locations and find the Ponie Oasis Vendor, click Balance Inquiry on the bottom right of the vendor. Your current amount of Ponie Points will be displayed in local chat. After clicking Balance Inquiry and reviewing your Ponie Points balance you have 60 seconds of reserved time to make a selection from the vendor. Once you have made your selection you will need to agree to spending that many points on that item. If you agree you will then receive your item from the vendor and the Ponie Points will be deducted from your Ponie Oasis account. To make another purchase simply do it again.

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have a super weekend!!

Happy Breeding!!


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