There is a Storm brewing!

Hey everyone we made it all the way to Thursday! YAY! Means we are almost to Friyay! So I wanted to take some time to show off a few things that maybe didnt get the spotlight that they deserved!
Lets talk about Septembers Craved animals! The Stormy Craved are amazing looking and Amaretto really does have a ton of traits to build upon this base to make some beautiful animals!

Take a look at these horses!

I am in LOVE with these k9s!

These birds are weathering the Storm!

These ponies are making some thunder!

If you missed the boat on any of these Stormy Craved animals, dry those tears! Let me remind you these breed, coats, and styles DO have the ability to pass! Thats right so go find you one and snatch it up so you can start your Stormy project today!

Also I have added all Craved to the wiki so be sure to go check em out there for more information on these craved animals! I love the sound of a storm! This is Ava over and out Happy Breeding!


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