Donkey Fun

One of my favorite Haven horses isn’t a horse! It’s a donkey!
The cute little donkey, who brays and kneels (if you leave animations on). You can purchase a Haven donkey from the Haven board for 250,000 points, and receive a random gender and color, Sienna, Brass, or Ash Grey. They come with a random starter eye and do not pass their coats. As with the other Haven horses, breeding them with another Haven Horse or any other horse, you have an increased chance at receiving a random Charmed Horse.
A bit different from the other Haven horses, by breeding a donkey to any Amaretto horse other than another donkey you could get a mule! Mules are special drops that don’t pass their coat and also come in Brass, Sienna and Ash Grey.

In May 2013 Amaretto released the Cinco De Mayo donkeys. If you were lucky enough, by breeding them with any other Amaretto horse you could get a black mule. In fact, you still can, if you can find a breedable age 2013 Cinco De Mayo donkey.

In May of 2017, Amaretto released another Cinco De Mayo donkey, the Primer Caballero. Breeding this one with any Amaretto horse could produce a white mule. So much mulery!! LOL. The white mule is also still possible to get if you have a breeding age 2017 Cinco De Mayo.

White Mule

Unfortunately, none of the mules can pass their coats, but the 2017 Cinco De Mayo COULD pass the Guitarra Azul eye.
All these goodies seem like a good reason to get a Haven donkey to add to your herd don’t they?


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