Tips for when there are SL Issues!

Hey guys! Whats up? Are you having a good Monday? I hope you are! Well i was trying to come up with something you guys might actually not already know all about! I was thinking about all the maintenance that has been going on lately and some important things to remember! This may be true with not only Amaretto products but any no copy objects you may have.

If you are experiencing issues with Second Life, you can check to see if there is a known problem with the Second Life grid. Go to for the latest updates on outages and other known problems. This page also shows the calendar of planned server rolling restarts.

Occasionally during LL Maintenance sessions their servers cause things to happen to the Horses/K-9’s/Barnyard Birds that shouldn’t. Anything that does happen can be fixed but in order to minimize the chances of something happening here are some helpful tips to pass along:

Do not pick up or attempt to rez out Horses/K-9’s/Barnyard Birds/Ponies/Ducks or Bundles/Kennels/Nests/Baskets or any other products such as food or consumables as sometimes the asset server gets a hiccup and decides to eat them. If you must pickup or rez a orses/K-9’s/Barnyard Birds/Ponies/Ducks or Bundles/Kennels/Nests/Baskets please copy down its FULL API from the description field before doing anything, to make recovering the orses/K-9’s/Barnyard Birds/Ponies/Ducks or Bundles/Kennels/Nests/Baskets Possible

Do not attempt to send a Horse/K-9/Barnyard Bird/Bundle/Kennel/Nest to Horse Haven/Puppy Paradise/Bird Sanctuary as the maintenance can prevent that communication from going through.

Do not attempt to birth Bundles/Kennels/Nests as the maintenance can cause the Bundle/Kennel/Nest to not birth correctly.

Do not move Bundles/Kennels/Nests/Baskets from under the mother until the hover text says it is ready!

If one duplicates don’t rez out 10 more expecting a different result! If you rez any Amaretto animal and it starts duplicating stop rezzing! Dont make a bigger mess than you have to!

In most cases Amaretto can recover lost or missing breedables but you MUST have some information such as UUID or name.
If you need assistance just file a ticket!
Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!


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