Are You Coulrophobic?

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

With their big red nose, white painted face, and over-sized polka-dot tie, clowns are a staple for circuses and childhood birthday parties — but, also, horror movies and nightmares! In fact, some people are so scared of clowns (roughly 7.8% of the population) that there is an actual term for it: coulrophobia.

The history of the clown dates back to the jester or fool of ancient times. In those days, the clown was given permission and, even, expected to represent the deviant side of human nature. As time went on, the jester morphed into the trickster, a more sinister figure with intentions that were less than honorable.

But, how did this fear of clowns develop? There are two commonly accepted schools of thought. One is that the fear is based on a negative personal experience with a clown at a young age. Their strange costumes and masks only add to the creepy vibes they give off.

The second theory is that mass media has created a hype surrounding evil clowns. While, obviously, the vast majority of individuals are not scared of clowns in a day-to-day context, a clown’s face has become part of a scare culture. So much so that those who are not personally exposed to clowns are trained to dislike or fear them.

Over the years, urban legends began to focus on killer clowns lying in wait for hapless babysitters. By the 1980s, author Stephen King tapped into the national consciousness with the definitive killer clown work of fiction, It. Thereby, putting the colorful circus performers right up there with vampires and werewolves on the list of iconic horror villains.

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Until next time…Happy Halloween & Happy Breeding! 🎈


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