November Craved Qualifiers!

Hello everyone! We are having a thrilling Thursday! I am glad to be able to announce to you the month of November Craved makers.

Lets talk horses first, starting on November 1st until November 30th any breeding combination of the following horses will qualify you for a brand new craved horse!

Pintomino Cream
Pyrite Crazed Coat Mystique
Forget Me Not Crazed Coat Mustang
Spring Flowers Buff Saffron
Silver Painted

K-9s qualifiers for the month of November is the following:

Pumpkin Pie Crazed Coat English Bull Terrier
Plum Pie Crazed Coat English Bull Terrier
English Bull Terrier Colored Tan
English Bull Terrier Standard Silver

Chickens wont be left out the November qualifiers are:

Bubblegum Crazed Partridge Leghorn
Spring Flowers Buff Saffron

Ponies are next up the next month qualifiers are:
Star Cream
Yellowie Fabulous!
Silver Bandit

Remember the next round of crave will start on November at 12:01 AM SLT! These coats will have the ability to pass! Happy Breeding everyone!


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