Where Are The Wild Hairs?

Where Are The Wild Hairs?

Help! I can’t find such and such a wild hair, where is it? The Amaretto wiki does not have separate pages for wild hairs, but if you type the name in the search bar on upper right corner it will give you a list of pages with the horse that the hair comes from. If it’s still too hard for you to see, there is another option.


Our very own Amaretto moderator, Bastian Hax, has developed a great site called theamarettofamily.com. If you have a wild hair you haven’t seen before, you can go to Bazza’s website to search for it. That’s right, this site has a page for wild hairs where breeders enter a picture themselves of the wild hair they may have. To enter a picture you will have to sign up, but it’s easy and fun. The site has tons of helpful information and pictures.


There are instructions on the page on how to search for one you want to see the look of, and if you can’t find it, on how to enter one you may have. Be sure to turn on full sun when taking your picture, have the horse fully sideways so the mane shows. Wild Hairs should be “clean”, No hues, luster or gleams. You can save the picture to your computer which is free, and use that to enter on the site. Here’s an example of one I entered that I really love


There are different categories to enter the hair under or to search for it such as starters, charmed, albino, etc.
It is Bazza’s dream to eventually have all the wild hairs on this site, an ambitious project, and a good start has been made thanks to the breeders who submit their pictures. Happy Searching!


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