Waaaay back in the dawn of time when Amaretto began, they had starters called Palominos. They were primitive horses, who could barely use tools, and had no knowledge of traits or racing free on the range. They were the creme, the golden, the silver and the shy tan.

Eventually, they acquired traits but still worried about their looks. One day the 2.0 update appeared as if by magic, and Lo! they changed their appearance. Their legs became slender and graceful, and their colors became truer.

Today the palomino coat is retired after a long life of hard work and breeding. Luckily for breeders, they can still be bred from existing lines and have been used to create some interesting horses, like the Twist horse, the Pintomino which came from breeding any color Pinto to any color Palomino.

My personal favorite color of Palomino is the gold, which always reminds me of Roy Rogers and Trigger. The horse learned 150 cues and could walk 50 feet on his hind legs (according to sources close to Rogers).I like to try and duplicate him by adding coat and hair gleam to the gold Palomino coat, with long/long traits.

What is YOUR favorite Palomino? Makes me want to go out and birth some more right now! Happy Breeding


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