Craved Snowflake Horses!

Hello everyone! Its another manic Monday! Even tho it is Christmas Eve Eve we are still here hard at work like santas elves!

We have had a lot go on in the month of December!

I wanted to take some time tho to show off this months Craved horses because they are soooooo cute! Take a look at these babies!

Craved Snowflake Silver Mecklenburger
Craved Snowflake Silver Palomino
Craved Snowflake Comeback Lipizzan – Amaretto Red
Craved Snowflake Navy Spotted Rocky Mountain

These are just perfect for the Winter season! Remember these coats DO have the ability to pass and……….. there are lots of snowflake traits that you can add to these awesome horses!

How do you get one of these craved?

December 1st at 12 AM if you breed any of the following horses together , you will have a chance at getting a brand new Craved Snowflake Horse!
Silver Palomino
Comeback Lipizzan Amaretto Red
Navy Crazed Coat Spotted Rocky Mountain
Silver Mecklenburger

So any breeding combination gives you a chance! Happy Breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!


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