Happy New Year!

Hey everyone, its New Years Eve here for us and I thought I could do a little fun connection on New Years Eve traditions that will bring you luck in the new year! So here are the fun ones I found!

1.Eat 12 Grapes
Yes, exactly 12, one at each stroke of midnight. That’s what they do in Spain — pop one grape for every month of the New Year. Even if it doesn’t bring luck, you’ll start the year with a fresh taste in your mouth.

2.Smooch a Loved One
Chances are, you’ve heard of this one before: When the clock strikes midnight, you’re supposed to kiss someone you love. According to the Washington Post, this is borrowed from English and German folklore, which stated that it’s “the first person with whom a person came in contact that dictated the year’s destiny,” so don’t choose your kissing partner willy-nilly.

3.Jump Into 2020
According to Travel and Leisure, in Denmark, people stand on their chairs and “leap” into January at midnight to bring good luck and banish bad spirits. Couldn’t hurt! (Unless you break the chair.)

4.Eat Black Eyed Peas
It’s said that anyone who makes this dish of black-eyed peas, pork, and rice on January 1 will experience luck and peace for the rest of the year. (Don’t like ham? Try one of the other good-luck New Year’s dishes from around the world.)

5.Pack Light
In fact, pack nothing at all. In Colombia, people take empty suitcases and go for a stroll around the block. It’s supposed to guarantee a year filled with travel.

6.Break the Peppermint Pig
In upstate New York, they sell special peppermint pigs all throughout the holiday season. Everyone gets to take a turn hitting it with a special candy-size hammer and eating a piece for good fortune in the coming year.

7.Keep the Windows Open. Doors too!
How else are you supposed to let the old year out, and the new year in? In the Philippines, if you crack a window or door on New Year’s Eve, it’s believed that negative energy will leave and good energy will enter.

8.Choose Your Underwear Carefully
Certain countries, especially in Latin America, believe that the color of your underwear can bring good things to you in the next 12 months. Yellow and green underwear offer wealth, red is for love, and white undies bring peace.

9.Wear White
In Brazil, what you wear on top of those undies matter, too — and everyone wears white for good luck and peace. If you can head to the beach, you can increase your luck by heading to the water and jumping over seven waves. You get one wish for each wave.

10.Throw Water out the Window
Look out below! In Puerto Rico, they believe that dumping a bucket of water out the window drives away evil spirits. If that seems a little too unfair to the people who might be passing by, Puerto Ricans also sprinkle sugar outside their houses to invite the good luck in, which is a little sweeter.

11. Add Something Extra to the Champagne
In Russia, everyone writes down a wish for the next year, burns the paper they wrote it on, dumps the ashes in a glass of Champagne, then drinks it before midnight. Maybe, in this case, the regular toast will suffice?

12.Save a Wish for Next Year
Or, instead of burning the wishes, you can have everyone write down a resolution, goal, wish, or note to their future selves, put it in a jar, and save it for the year. On the next New Year’s Eve, you can retrieve the jar, read the notes, and have everyone see how far they’ve progressed.

So pick out a few of these traditions, and ring in 2020 with your Family and Friends! Happy New Years from all of our Amaretto Family to yours! Amaretto is going to have a lot of excitement in 2020!


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