2020 Limited Edition Longma!

Hello everyone! Its a Manic Monday for sure here at the ranch we have been hard at work as always! I am so glad to get to make this announcement, its been months in the making.

What am I talking about? The LE Designer Horse contest! Thats right we have submitted and voted, and now they are here! Introducing to you the 2020 Limited Edition Longma!

2020 Limited Edition – Bái Longma
Eye: Tranquil Spirit

2020 Limited Edition – Hēi Longma
Eye: Restless Spirit

There are 2 versions of this amazing horse! You can buy them in the following packs!
2020 Limited Edition – Dragon Single Pack
Random Coat/Gender 895L

2020 Limited Edition – Mythical Pack
One of Each Coat, Random Gender 1600L

These horses will be available from today 1/13/2020 until 2/1/2020! Now here is the important part you MUST breed these horses together to get an amazing surprise!

Thank you to everyone who submitted and design, voted on their favorite, and our design team for making this an awesome horse! Congrats to Lamia Starspear for submitting the winning design!

Happy Breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!


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