BOK BOK! Go to the Head of the Class

When Amaretto introduced the Barnyard Birds in May of 2012, they all came as farm class, which is considered a starter class. Starter birds can hide other traits inside them which you can get by breeding any two starter birds together, or breeding a starter bird with any other bird. The classes have benefits to add to your birds

Jester Class: Jester birds never go below 75% vivacity, which is helpful, as birds need to be at least 85% to gain vigor and to breed. So even if you unexpectedly run out of orange rinds, you won’t have far to go to catch up. This class can pass!

Romeo Class: Romeo birds never go below 50% vigor. Birds need 100% vigor to breed. This class can pass!

Juliet Class: Juliet birds get an extra breeding cycle. Birds come with twelve breeding cycles. Once they have none left they retire and become Senior birds, so an extra will give them thirteen. Stats and text over the bird will say Senior. This class can pass!

Bird of the Line: This is the most amazing class! The benefits of the Bird of the Line Class are your bird
will never sleep!
never go below 100% stamina.
never go below 75% vivacity (Jester Class)
never go below 50% vigor (Romeo Class)
Gets an extra breeding cycle! (Juliet Class)
Bird of the Line also gets any traits from future classes released. Any future class traits will be added to your current Bird of the Line through an update. This is a great trait to breed into your birds and this trait can pass!

What kind of bird class would you like to see next?


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