February Craved Makers!!!

Hey everyone! Its that time again I can not believe we are almost at the end of the month of January for 2020! I know there is one question on everyones mind and I am here to answer that question!

What do I need to breed to get a Craved for February Ava??

Well lets check out the rundown!!

From February 1st until February the 29th anytime you breed the following animals together you have a chance to get a brand new Craved!

Brown Icelandic
Black Buckskin
Rasberry Pie Crazed Coat Perlino
Ruby Crazed Coat Chimera Brindle

Yorkie Parti Blue and White
Yorkie Standard Black and Mahogany
Strawberry Sherbet Crazed Coat Yorkie
Yorkie Standard Blue and Tan

Golden Laced Wyandotte

Redie Fabulous!
Umber Bandit
Star Golden

Remember that the Craved animals DO have the ability to pass. Good Luck everyone and happy breeding this is Ava over and out!


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