Amaretto Horseshoe?

Happy Thursday Fellow Breeders!

Horseshoe? This horseshoe is not on the horse’s hoof or even the shoe branding. It is a little known component of the Amaretto horses that you rarely see (although there was a breeder who had one last week). What I’m referring to is a horseshoe that may appear over your horse’s head. What does this mean? Should you file a ticket when it happens?

There is no secret or special meaning behind the horseshoe and there is nothing wrong with your horse if one pops up. It has absolutely nothing to do with breeding, connecting to the server, or the version of your horse. The horseshoe is there for one reason only and that is to preload the horses’ animations. Every horse has a horseshoe for this purpose

This is what it looks like.

Once your horse moves on to its next animation the horseshoe disappears. If it doesn’t, all you need to do is change your horse’s setting to physical and it will disappear. Therefore, no ticket needs to be filed.

Now you know about the horseshoe! Keeping you informed is the goal of Amaretto, as knowledge enhances your breeding experience.

Until next time…HAPPY BREEDING! 🐴


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