Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day! Happy February 14th! Chocolate and cards and flowers! Where exactly does the tradition of giving gifts and cards on this particular day come from?

Valentine’s Day flowers began as a tradition in the 17th century, since roses, which represent love in all its forms, were the flowers of choice for the Day. The rose is supposed to be the favorite flower of Venus, the Goddess of Love.
Throughout school, we all gave cards to our classmates, but where did this tradition of Valentine’s Day cards begin? Well, back in 1415, Charles the Duke of Orleans wrote a poem for his wife while imprisoned in the Tower of London on Valentine’s Day. By the 16th century, cards had become so common on Valentine’s Day that several religious leaders preached against them. By the early 19th century, it was the most popular way to show your love on the special day.
What would Valentine’s Day be without chocolate? Well we can thank the Spanish explorers who brought chocolate back to the Old World from the New World in the 17th century. Soon enough the popularity increased in Europe and chocolate, possibly for its aphrodisiac effects, became the candy of choice for the lover’s holiday.

Amaretto brought us Valentine LEs starting in 2011, with a random drop of That’s Love, That’s Amor, That’s Amore and That’s Amour LEs. The coats could not pass.

This began a long tradition of random drops or purchasable Limited Edition Horses, Special Edition K-9s, Collectors Edition Barnyard Birds and Deluxe Edition Ponie Pals. Along with those came other traits in horses like wings, brands, socks, horns, saddles, and ear tips! In K-9s we added new collars, new nose traits, new Paw Warmers, new Dipped Ears, and in 2019 the new Dipped Tail trait. From the Valentine Barnyard birds we got new beaks and legs, the Wing trait, new Shades and in 2019 the Whacky Wattle! The Valentine Ponie Pals gave us wings, and new horns! You can find pictures and information on all these traits on the Wiki





So many wonderful coats and traits have come from the Valentine Amarettos. Which ones are your favorites?


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