Putting Confection Rumors to Rest

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

Recently, a rumor got started that there were new Confection coats for the horses, in particular, a Gummy Bear coat. The purpose of today’s Connection is to inform you of the facts and put rumors to rest.

First, let’s look at a brief history of the Confection eyes. On January 30, 2012, Amaretto released the 3.2 horse update. Hidden in the new starters for that update were six all-new Confection eyes: Chocolate Cherry, Cotton Candy, Honeycomb, Lollipop, Spun Sugar and Tutti Frutti.*

Confection eyes first appeared in starters from the 3.2 horse update.

Six more confection eyes were added from starters with the 4.0 update on September 9, 2013: Cinnamon Roll, Double Mint, Licorice Roll, Red Velvet, Sprinkled Donut and Sweet Tart.

Six more Confection eyes were hidden in 4.0 update starters.

When Amaretto’s had its 4th Birthday on September 1, 2014, six OOAK Confection Coats were introduced. From those new coats came the Devil’s Food, Hot Fudge Sundae, Lemon Meringue Pie, Pink Cotton Candy, Red Velvet Cake, and Strawberry Shortcake eyes.

Amaretto 4th Birthday OOAKs produced another six Confection eyes!
Shown with their matching Confection coat.

While these OOAK’s did not pass their coats, the eyes were passable. Additionally, at the Birthday party, it was announced that if you bred any of the new or existing Confection eyes together you had a chance to get one of these six Confection coats for your very own!

Shortly thereafter, four more Confection eyes were added to starters, with the release of the 5.0 update on September 13, 2014. These eyes were: Chocolate Eclair, Cookies N Cream, Double Chocolate Cake and Gummy Bears.

Even more Confection eyes hit the grid from 5.0 update starter horses.

And, if that wasn’t enough sweet Confections, four additional Confection eyes were introduced from the new starters for the 6.01 update on April 27, 2019. These were: Banana Split, Caramel Swirl, Cherry Pie and Jelly Beans.

The latest addition to the Confection eyes came from the 6.01 starters.

*Also with the 6.01 update, the Chocolate Cherry, Cotton Candy, Honeycomb and Lollipop eyes were put out to pasture. This only means that those eyes will no longer drop from new starter horses. They can still be used for breeding to try your chance at a Confection Coat.

So, to recap, breeding any of the 26 Confection eyes together will still only give you a chance at one of 6 Confection coats.

Remember, Confection coats drop purely at random, so one eye has no better chance than another and can not predetermine which coat you could receive. Confection horses can NOT pass their coat. However, breeding a Confection horse with another Confection horse or with any other horse with Confection eyes you will slightly increase your chance for another Confection horse.

Don’t believe rumors! Check the facts!

To see the complete list of Confection eyes, check out the wiki link below:
Find the Confection coats on the wiki here:

Will new Confection coats be introduced in the future? To quote Ava, “You never know!” 😉

Until next time…Happy Breeding! ♥


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