Hello everyone! Hope you are having a Terrific Taco Tuesday! I am super excited to announce something to everyone!

In previous years Amaretto had a lot of fun fund raising for lots of different charities and causes, I know how much you guys love to do this and make it a success every time. Its been a while so im super excited to tell you that Amaretto is doing a fund raising again!

This is something that a lot of you have been asking for!

So what charity has Amaretto picked this time? I am pleased to announce that Amaretto will be participating for the first time in the HullabaZoo!

What is HullabaZoo??
HullabaZoo is all about animals and creatures. It’s more than a shopping event and will have classes, a quest, contests, photo ops, parties, and more. Best of all we’re raising money for a great cause! HullabaZoo is an annual event and we would love it to become the BIGGEST creature event of the year – one that you look forward to, get excited about and look forward to it’s return each year!

HullabaZoo isn’t a mainstream fashion event with an “animals” theme so you won’t find zebra-print nails, or paw print T’shirts for human avatars. You will find creature avatars, pets, rideables, props and mods as well as accessories and mods for those creatures.

What charity does HullabaZoo donate to?
Every year HullabaZoo will choose a charity to donate to. Having worked in large and small animal charities over the years it was really important to us that we choose charities that have a proven record of putting the money where it is most needed within their charitable focus. Too many large charities use donated funds to pay bloated salaries or for activities that are contradictory to the charities aims. Too many small charities waste their donations due to incompetence within the organizations. HullabaZoo will scrutinize and choose the charities we donate to very carefully to ensure that all the funds raised by the event go to where they should.

For our inaugural 2020 event we have chosen the Jane Goodall Institute.

Now if you are like me i had to do some research on Jane Goodall Institute, here is a video on this charity

Here is the website for the Jane Goodall Institute:

I am super excited to be a part of HullabaZoo this year!! I know you guys will be too! The event will start on March 10th at 12 PM SLT!

So keep your eye out for HullabaZoo news! This is Ava over and out!


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