March Craved Makers!

Hello everyone its a Marvelous Monday! I know all you guys have been holding your breath until the next craved maker is announced. So I wont be making you wait much longer.

From March 1 until March 31st when you breed the following qualifiers together you have a chance to get a brand new Craved!!

Horse Qualifiers:
Akhal-Teke Mocha
Chocolate Rabicano
Cocoa Lipizzan
Chocolate American Miniature

K-9 Qualifiers:
Pug Solid Chocolate
Pug Morrison Chocolate
Chocolate Smooth Dachshund

Chickens Qualifiers:
Red Berry Fizz Crazed Rhode Island White
Rhode Island White

Ponie Qualifiers:
Star Chocolate
Gold Bandit

Remember that Craved DO have the ability to pass their coat! I cant wait for you to see these! Good luck and happy breeding, this is Ava over and out!


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