Important Notice!

Hey everyone its a terrific Tuesday! I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy! I know what you guys want to hear from me today! I was gonna tell you but then i thought maybe we should talk about hand washing!

So the proper steps to hand washing begin with are as follows………

If you have read this far im going to give you guys a treat!

The Craved makers for the month of April are the following:

Mystique Rainbow Quartz
Utopia Crazed Coat Walker
Retching Rainbow Crazed Coat Skewbald
Overo Prism

Mystique Rainbow Quartz
Red Half Mask Jack Russel Terrier
Black Full Mask Jack Russell Terrier
Tanzanite Crazed Coat Jack Russell Terrier

Prism Faverolles
Blood Orange Crazed California Gray

Painted Prism
Orangie Fabulous!
Masqureade in Teal

Remember that this will begin at 12:01 AM on April 1st! So get your qualifers ready now! And good luck and happy breeding everyone and don’t forget to wash your hands! This is Ava over and out!


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