We Appreciate You

In these trying times it is good to remember the people who do their best to make our lives run a little easier, who go into public service, who instruct and protect us, and bring a little brightness into our lives. From firefighters and policemen, teachers and stay at home parents, to dentists, artists, and even chefs, please remember to show your appreciation by saying Thank You.

To show their appreciation for these often unsung heroes Amaretto brought out the Appreciation Eyes. Starting March 1, 2014, the first of the new Appreciation Eyes were born onto the grid, promoting appreciation for something new each month. These eyes could drop randomly every month from any breeding from the 4.0 horses and higher, starting with the Medical Appreciation eye and ending with the Engineer Appreciation eye in Feb 2015. These eyes are traited and Can be passed on. Which one is your favorite?


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