The Appaloosa is an American horse breed best known for its colorful spotted coat pattern. In North America, the Nez Perce people of what today is the United States Pacific Northwest developed the original American breed. Settlers once referred to these spotted horses as the “Palouse horse”, possibly after the Palouse River, which ran through the heart of Nez Perce country. Gradually, the name evolved into “Appaloosa”.

Today, the Appaloosa is one of the most popular breeds in the United States; it was named the official state horse of Idaho in 1975. Appaloosas have been used in many movies; an Appaloosa is the mascot for the Florida State Seminoles. Appaloosa bloodlines have influenced other horse breeds, including the Pony of the Americas, the Nez Perce Horse, and several gaited horse breeds.

When Amaretto began waaaay back in September of 2010, they released their first set of starter horses, which included the Appaloosa in four colors. Like other starters, they each came with possible hidden coats and traits. The hidden coats/traits might or might not be Non-Starter. The Appaloosa coat can be passed on.

Beginning June 5, 2012 to July 4,2012 any bundle dropped from the breeding of any 2 Appaloosa horses had the chance at being an Amaretto Appaloosa Showhorse. The Showhorse coat could not pass, but the royalty eye DOES pass.

Appaloosas were also used in making Twist horses, which combined the breeding of two amaretto horse coats. From February 5, 2014 until March 5, 2014 you could breed any color of Shetland and any color of Appaloosa together for the chance at one of these Shetaloosa Coats.

The next big surprise from Amaretto was Crazed coats! From March 5, 2015 until April 5, 2015 you could breed any color Appaloosa horses together for the chance of getting one of the Crazed Coat Appaloosa. The Crazed Coat Appaloosa DOES have the ability to pass. The End of the Rainbow Eye DOES have the ability to pass.

After the Crazed, came the Craved! Starting July 1, 2019 until July 31, 2019, if you bred any of the following horses breeds:
Tangerine Crazed Coat Appaloosa, Berry Blue Crazed Coat Roan, Lemon Lime Crazed Coat Pinto, Perfect Peach Martini Crazed Coat Saddlebred or Plum Pie Crazed Coat Perlino, you could get a new Craved coat, one of which was the Craved Greek Key Tangerine Appaloosa. the coat CAN be passed.

The Appaloosa starter coat has been put “Out to Pasture” which means none will come in any starter, breeder or rancher packs sold at the store, but there are still Appaloosas out there being bred


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