Whats Your Breedable Named?

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a great day! I wanted to take some time out today to talk to you guys about something that may effect the way you name bundles and horses.

Currently you have 36 characters to name your bundle or horse, and over 9 years that I have been with Amaretto let me just say you guys can get creative!

Im not gonna say any names but I have had people not file a ticket because they were to embarrassed as what they named the horse to.

There are a few changes that have happened concerning naming bundles and horses. I know alot of you guys like to include special characters in the your breeding names such as:


Well sadly because of the way our code operates, doing this could start cause issues in the way your horse or bundle is working in world. Amaretto has taken steps to prevent you from using such characters when naming a horse or bundle. If you have a bundle with a special character in the name upon birthing the bundle the horses name will be the same but without the characters.

If you try to rename a horse with characters that are not allowed your horses name will then be changed to Rename without Invalid Character.

If your horses are named this all you have to do is click your horse and name and then rename.

As a good practice i would not include any special characters in the names of any of my Amaretto breedables.

Well as always guys Happy Breeding this is Ava over and out!


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