Hidden Traits

Question: Do starter horses have one or two hidden coats?

Each horse has a visible set of traits , and a hidden Sub set of traits. Lets take these for example

Coat: Silver Palomino
Eye: Violet
Mane: Normal
Tail: Normal

Lets say his sub traits are
Coat: Black Andalusian
Eye: Yellow
Mane: Long
Tail: Normal
Coat Gleam High
Coat Luster Low
Hair Luster Low
Coat Gloom

Coat: Black Buckskin
Eye: Midnight blue
Mane: Normal
Tail: Normal

Lets say her sub traits are
Coat: silver Pinto
Eye: Violet
Mane: Braided
Tail: upright
Coat Luster High
Hair Luster Low
Hair Chill

If you mate them you could have a possible of

Coat: Silver Palomino, Black Andalusian, Black Buckskin, or silver Pinto
Eye: Violet, Yellow, Midnight Blue
Mane: Normal, Long, Braided
Tail: Normal, Upright
Coat Gleam Nothing, High
Coat Luster Nothing, Low
Hair Gleam Nothing
Hair Luster Nothing, Low
Coat Nothing ,Gloom
Hair Nothing, Chill

I hope this helps you understand more on how your pair of White Walkers can have a Mustang, as the traits sometimes stay hidden for awhile.

Do Grandparents traits count toward genes ?

Grandparents traits will only count if they were passed to their offspring, and the offspring passes them to their off spring.


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