Hello everyone and Happy Halloween!! I wanted to take some time to talk to you all about something that I noticed has been coming up in the group lately and remind you all about expired breeding!

You have found the perfect pair of your favorite amaretto animals birthed and feed and are ready to breed! Then your waiting the entire pregnancy if there is one and awaiting your prized off spring, its drops and you click on it and it says EXPIRED_BREEDING or BAD_DATA_NO_PARENTS and will not birth. No it doesn’t mean your OS is an orphan!

Oh NO!!! What did you do wrong? What happened? Well lets look at a couple reasons you may get a bundle with this text EXPIRED_BREEDING or BAD_DATA_NO_PARENTS.

The #1 reason why you will receive a bundle that says EXPIRED_BREEDING or BAD_DATA_NO_PARENTS is because your horses are not the latest current version. For you to get viable bundles you must be breeding the most current version which is currently 6.03 for horses.

If you relieve a kennel, nest or a basket that says BAD_DATA_NO_PARENTS is because your k9, birds or ponies are not the latest current version. For you to get viable Kennels and baskets you you must be breeding the most current version which is currently Version 3.1 for K9s, Version 3.0 Birds , Ducks 1.1 and Version 2.00 for Ponies.

There could be 2 reasons why you might receive a nest that says EXPIRED_BREEDING or BAD_DATA_NO_PARENTS the first one being the above mentioned if your birds are not Version 3.0 you will not get a viable nest. The 2nd reason why this may happen is if your birds cycles are not showing the correct amount or showing a negative cycle count.

So what do you do ? Well its simple all you have to update your breedable and breed them again if it is a Ponie or a bird updating it will give you the cycle or descendant back. If your Barnyard Bird has a negative cycle count and is the latest current version you will need to send in the rooster and the hen so that we can repair both of them and get you back on the breeding track! It doesn’t matter what animal you are breeding we will not be able to give you an viable offspring for your EXPIRED_BREEDING or BAD_DATA_NO_PARENTS Offspring!

Remember if ever in doubt just ask we are always here to help!

Until next time this is Snookie hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend and a great week ahead!

Happy breeding!


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