What’s For Supper?


“My horse won’t eat! Why isn’t my horse gaining happiness/fervor?” And the ever popular “Why won’t my horses breed?”
I know this has been said in chat, and indeed in connections, but it bears repeating for many new breeders who may have missed it, or returning breeders who may have forgotten. Re-rezzing fixes a multitude of issues with Amaretto Breedables, from messed up sculpts to feeding and breeding problems. First a rerun of Ava’s Checklist for Amarettos not eating

  1. Are scripts turned on?
  2. Is the food set to All, Owner Only, or Group?
  3. Is the breedable set to to correct food, breedable or pet?
    4 Is the food within range?
  4. Is my breedable frozen or duplicated?
  5. Is my food duplicated? (check for a uuid in the description field of the food)
  6. Did i rerezz the breedable?
  7. Is my breedable up to date?
  8. Is my breedable up to date?

Also, if your land is set to a certain group make sure the Amaretto and the food are set to same group. Another bit of info, for older breeders. If you have old food or salt that you are using for 4.0 and older version pets or babies, make sure it is rezzed far away from the new UUID food, as it confuses the scripts and can cause the breedables to stop eating.
If you have tried all these suggestions and nothing is helping you can file a ticket with Amaretto.


If you haven’t been online in a few days and come back to sick Amarettos with horses, dogs, chickens and ducks you can feed them well in 3 days or make them instantly well with healing kits, vaccinations and flu shots. Ponie Pals must be given noodle soup. These items are available wherever you buy food and can be gotten with points from the haven boards at the stores.

Happy Breeding and eat hearty!


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