Home On the Range

Lets talk a litle about range. What is it? Range is the distance your Amaretto Breedable can reach for food and breeding. The default setting they’re born with is 5 meters, but using the menu, you can change that to a higher number if you need to.

To change the range using the menu, hit settings>set range and you will see a notice in local chat like this “Clyde Wind: Say the range value you want in local chat.” Remember to be in chat range or shout if farther away and you will see a notice like this ” Clyde Wind: Scan range set to 5 from home.” Or whatever number you choose. You can select anywhere from 1 meter to 96 meters, but remember your horse will need to be in range of food/salt in order to prevent it from getting sick and its mating partner in range in order to breed. Think of the range as a circle, and whatever can get inside that circle or touch it’s edges can affect your horse.

So if you set the food inside, the horse can reach it whether it is on movement or not. Also even if your horse is on a certain range like 5 meters, another horse set too closely on a higher range can reach inside that circle and possibly breed with your horse. The same goes for all the Amaretto Breedables when it comes to range. Remember the range is set by menu, so wherever you first rez or set home on your Amarettos is where the circle of range is.

If you ever move your breedables using edit, always remember to reset home or rerez, so the range can be effective. Don’t forget to check range on live animals you have just bought, to prevent accidental breedings or hungry animals, and Happy Breeding!


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