I’m Wild About Them

The African wild dog (Lycaon pictus), also called the painted dog, or Cape hunting dog, is a canine native to sub-Saharan Africa. It is the largest indigenous canine in Africa, and it is estimated that about 6,600 adults including 1,400 mature individuals live in 39 subpopulations that are all threatened by habitat fragmentation, human persecution and outbreaks of diseases. The African wild dog is listed as endangered since 1990. It is a highly social animal, living in packs with separate dominance hierarchies for males and females. Uniquely among social carnivores, the females rather than the males disperse from the natal pack once sexually mature. The young are allowed to feed first on carcasses. There are five subspecies, with color variations in each, and as you can see they are very flashy.

Amaretto’s version of the Wild Dog is a little bit different but just as flashy. For the 2012 Holidays Amaretto released the Amaretto Special Edition 2012- Holiday K-9s at all Amaretto Locations! As an added twist for 24 hours starting December 20th Amaretto Retro Edition 2010 & 2011 Throwback Packs were sold. What made these even more special were the hidden surprises they held. By breeding any of these holiday K-9s (2012, Retro 2011) to each other you could unlock these hidden surprises. The In to the Wild K-9s were the hidden surprises! The In to the Wild K-9s CAN pass their Coat, Eyes & Collar!

In November of 2013 Amaretto started their special breeding called Twist Coats, which consisted each month of 2 different breeds that you had to breed together in order to discover the “twist coat, collar & eye”. From June 5, 2014 until July 5, 2014 you could breed any color of Dalmatian and any color of Into the Wild together for the chance at one of these Dawild Coats. No other qualifications were necessary, just had to be 1 Dalmatian and 1 Into the Wild any color. The results of this breeding were the Dawild coats, the White/Black, Black/White, Liver and my personal favorite because I’m a sucker for rainbows, the Rainbow Dawild. The coat, eyes and collar of these dogs could pass.

The final special breeding using the Into The Wild dogs was the Crazed Coat Into the Wild. From January 5, 2016 until February 5, 2016 you could breed any color Into The Wild K-9s together for the chance of getting one of the Crazed Coat Into The Wild. The coats were even more colorful, and included the very bright Rainbow wild eye, and of course, the Rainbow Crazed Coat Into the Wild Zebra. Woot! The coat, eyes and collar all have the ability to pass.

So many possibilities and so many colors! What will you be breeding?


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