Chocolate Lover’s Rejoice!

Happy Thursday Breeders!

Today’s Connection is about a very decadent subject – Chocolate! Chocolate is a treat loved the world over and can be enjoyed in so many ways. And, as you would guess, February is National Chocolate Month!

Did you know Amaretto loves chocolate too? Just take a look at some of these sweet breedables!

In the Amaretto horses, there’s the Chocolate American Miniature, Craved Sprinkled Glazed Chocolate American Miniature, Chocolate Rabicano, and if you’re extra lucky you just may get a Charmed Fairytale Shetland Chocolate!

For K-9s, try the English Bull Terrier Colored Chocolate and Standard Chocolate, Chocolate Smooth Dachshund, Pug Morrison Chocolate and Solid Chocolate, and Chocolate Lab.

Just click on the names listed above to go to the wiki to find more information on your favorite chocolate flavor! Also, search the horse and K-9 wikis for other sweet treats! Here’s your link:
List of Horse Traits
List of K-9 Traits

Until next time…Sweet & Happy Breeding!


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