Having a Hair Day

One of the standard things on Amaretto Horses and Ponie Pals are the mane and tail. They can be a starter trait, on the horses saying normal, and on Ponie Pals saying short.

There are several options for traited manes and tails on horses: long, upright, braided, upright long, roach and cyberpunk.

Traited tails include long, upright, braided, upright long, pinned, and cyberpunk.

The Roach Mane and Pinned Tail came out with Version 5.0 on September 3, 2014. On April 14th, 2020 Amaretto released all new 2020 Cyberpunk Editions animals! The hidden surprise in the 2020 Cyberpunk Editions was the Cyberpunk Mane and Tail!

With Ponie Pals of course, there arent as many choices. It’s either short, or long. but as for future designs, like Ava says, you never know.

You can make lots of horses with combinations of these 2 traits, depending on which is your favorite. Maybe you can think of a new design for manes and tails, and drop a notecard in the Amaretto Mailbox at the stores!


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