3rd Designer LE Contest Voting OPEN!

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a great Monday! Did you know that today is National Margarita Day?! Well cheers everyone!

Now to the serious stuff, you guys have all taken time out of your day to put in your vote for the 3rd LE Designer Contest and I have the top 5 entries that made it to the final stage of voting!

Here are the top 5 entries in no specific order!

Now its time to vote again! This process will be a bit different, this time we will vote online! Please go to the link provided below to vote:


You can only vote 1 time, you will need to register to vote by filing out the questions, you will then receive an email mine looked like this, if you dont see the email check your spam folder!

From there just click the link and its on to voting! You may only vote one time! Voting will open until March 15th, we will then count all the votes and announce which design won. Thank you to everyone who voted and participated in the semi finals!

Good luck everyone and happy voting!


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