Chocolate Lover’s Rejoice!

Happy Hump Day Breeders!

If you’re in the mood for a decadent sweet treat to eat, go grab your fork! Today, May 19th is National Devil’s Food Cake Day, an annual food “holiday” that celebrates the rich and moist chocolaty dessert – Devil’s Food Cake.

Amaretto Serves Up Some Devilishly Good Traits!

Devil’s Food Cake is just one of 26 Confections Eye traits available in Amaretto Horses.

These eyes first hit the grid in starters that came out with the Version 3.2 update back in January 2012. More eyes were added in September 2013, when the 4.0 update was released. The last 4 Confection Eyes were added in April 2019, with the 6.01 update. Bringing us to our current total. You can have a chance at one of these exciting Non-Starter Confection Eyes by breeding any horse with a starter horse or by breeding together two starter horses. Confection Eyes CAN be passed on.

The best part about Confection Eyes is that by breeding together any two horses that have them, you have a chance of getting a special Confection Horse! The Confection Horse you receive will be random, but, you just might get a Devil’s Food Cake Confection Horse!

On Amaretto’s 4th Birthday (September 1, 2014), 6 Confection Horses were revealed to honor the occasion. Confection Horses can NOT pass their coat. However, breeding a Confection Horse with another Confection Horse or with any other horse with Confection Eyes will slightly increase your chance for another Confection Horse!

So you see, you really can have your cake and breed it, too! Get some Devil’s Food Cake traits today!

Until next time…HAPPY BREEDING!


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