Glacial Inferno!

Hey guys! Hows everyone this Monday? I hope everyone had a great weekend! I wanted to take some time to continue showing off some things you may have never seen that have been released for a while.

Is it getting hot in here? Maybe its a little cold?
Well this bird is split!

What am I talking about? Well none other than the Glacial Inferno!

On a rare occasion Amaretto has sold create your own items. One of the items up for auction was Create your own Bird Breed Eye the winner was SnookieAnne Heartsong.

After collaborating with Amaretto Artists this is the design that was released!

Take a look!

This bird also has some matching user created traits like the Glacial Inferno Eye, Leg, Wing, and Beak Color!

All of the Glacial Inferno traits DO have the ability to pass!
If you like the Glacial Inferno traits be sure to let Snookie know! I always think the creativity of the user created releases are amazing!

So keep your eyes out for Glacial Inferno traits!

This is Ava over and out happy breeding everyone!


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