Birthstone Flower Horses

These horses are amazing and a necessary component to any collection. If you are a serious collector or a collector just starting out, you will want to find these for your collection.

Starting April 1, 2017 Amaretto announced the release of all new Birthstone Flower Horses. Each month we were given a coat and eye that needed to breed together to get a special coat. These could only be breed that month and the coasts did NOT pass.

However, the special eyes did have the ability to pass and can add a very special touch to your breeding projects.

On a side note, the eyes that come from the Birthstone Flower horses always have the gem name first followed by the flower name whereas the older eyes that were used to breed for these with, always have the flower name first. It’s easy to be confused so always check on that prior to buying one.

Happy breeding!!



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