Ponie Pal Face Markings!!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week-end!! Today we are going to look at Ponie Pal Face Markings. They are the perfect addition to any Ponie project.

When Ponie Pals were introduced on June 15, 2017, they were all hiding some amazing traits, one of those traits were four different Face Markings.

As time went on more and more face markings were added for the ponies. The first one came out with the 2017 Christmas Edition ponies which were hiding the Icicle & Winter Snowflake Face Markings!!

The 2018 Spring Editions were hiding the Daisy & Butterfly Face Marking!!

Next, in the Summer of 2018. The summer 2018 Deluxe Editions were hiding the Sol and Crescent Face Marking!

As a very special Thanksgiving surprise. As a very special treat that day, all Ponie baskets that dropped on November 22, 2018 had a chance to drop the new Falling Leaves Face Marking.

The next surprise came with the 2018 Gacha Emoji Ponies, that actually gave you a chance to get one of three Face Markings. The strange and fun part was that the parent did not have to be the same emoji, meaning you could get the Oopsy Poopsy Face Marking from the Chuckles Ponie.

The 2019 Deluxe Edition Luck of the Irish Ponies were hiding the Clover Face Marking.

One of the newer Face Markings is the Peace Face Marking which you had a chance of getting with the 2019 International Day of Peace Ponies.

And the newest Face Marking came from the 2020 Camelot Edition Ponies, Lancelot himself had a chance to give you this amazing Face Marking. The Armor Silver Face Marking.

So now you have seen all the possibilities out there. Go out and add some amazing Face Markings to your Ponie Pal projects today.

Have a fantastic Sunday!



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