Eagle Wings!!

Hello everyone and Happy Saturday!! I hope your weekend is off to an amazing start!

Today I want to shine the spotlight on the Eagle Wings for our horses.

On July 12, 2019 Amaretto held the Amaretto Country Fair and and unveiled the fifth Horse in the line of Seven Heavenly Virtues and Seven Deadly Sins Horses! Hiding in these OOAK was the Indolence and Intensity Eagle Wings!

The Gold Bionic Wing Is a user created wing created by Duckkula Resident!

All You Need Is Love wing was a user created wing by Lizbeth Placebo!

On March 13, 2021 Amaretto released 2021 Spring Kirin, hiding in these Kirins was new eagle wings Metamorphosis, Bloom, Renewal, and Awakening!

The Eagle wing DOES have the ability to pass!

For a closer look at any of these wings check them out on the wiki at https://horse.amaretto.wiki/index.php?title=Eagle_Wings

So have you added one of these awesome wings to your project?

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have an awesome weekend and a great week ahead!



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