Auction for a Cure !!!


What can I say. Thank you Amaretto Community . Todays total at the auction was 1,959,055 Lindens.

This brings us to a team total of 2,213,836.


Congratulations to all the bidders. This was a wonderful and exciting event and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. This is an awesome charity, and we thank you for being part of our team, and hope to see everyone at all our events.


Our auctioneer Avalon Crystal did an awesome job for 5 hours.


One horse went for 1 MILLION Lindens WOW .


Here’s a picture of the winners with the MILLION Linden Demon.



Also up on the auction block was a one of a kind k-9. The winning bid on this k-9 was 175,000 lindens!! Here is a pic below of the lucky bidder and the special k-9!




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