I know something you don’t know!

It’s me again and for some reason I just can not keep a secret. So want to know a really juicy secret? Well… here it goes…

Starting April 05, 2012 Amaretto is introducing a new Show Horse from April 5th 2012 to May 5th 2012 . We move from Jaymee’s favorite Bays to Jayson’s favorite Mustangs!!
• Starting April 5th 2012 at 12:01 am SLT any bundle dropped from the breeding of 2 Mustangs you have a chance at the bundle being an “Amaretto Mustang Showhorse”!
• That’s it! The only qualification is they both have to be Mustangs, they can be any color but Mother & Father MUST BOTH be Mustangs.
• We will announce what horse is next close to the end of the 30 days of Mustangs!
• Keep your eyes peeled as you won’t know what the “Amaretto Mustang Showhorse” looks like until it hits the grid !
• This “Amaretto Mustang Showhorse” will have a chance of passing its special eye!
• So Amaretto community… gather up your Mustangs and get them ready for an excitement filled month of breeding!

I promise I’ll try and keep all secrets to myself from now on

*crosses her fingers behind her back*

Until next time…..


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