Horse Starter Coats

So since I am new to doing the Connection, I figured I would start where I did when I began breeding Horses, with the Horse Starter Coats.

So lets jump right in, with the original starter coats that were released September 1st, 2010. These were the Appaloosa, Bay, Palomino, and my personal favorite the Painted.

These coats came out in four colors each and took over much of SL.

Soon other starter coats would follow known as Buckskin, Dunn, Icelandic, Mecklenburger, Spotted Rocky Mountain, Amaretto Saddlebred, Lipizzan, and the Lusitano.

Over time some horses go out to pasture and we can only find them through other members of the community. I dropped the links to the Wiki for you, so you can see their beautiful coats and learn more about them.

Thank you for sharing your time with me and Hope to share more memories of the past and future with all of you!



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