Setting for sale!

Hello everyone! Its hump day! Here we are almost in the thick of the holiday season!

I wanted to talk to you guys about something that most of you probablly do already with out any problem, but there may be some of you just figuring it out, and thats setting things for sale!

Now I am showing you on the viewer I use so if you do not use firestorm your options may differ slightly,

This also applies to any objects that you are setting for sale in world not just breedables!

In this first photo this is how objects not set for sale when i rez them out appear, notice that for sale check box is not checked and all other options in the selling options are greyed out. This tells me its not set for sale.

Now when i price the bundle at 300 lindens you will see my options change in the picture below

I have now checked the for sale box and listed my price for 300, but we arent done yet, there is a drop down menu there and concerning breedables you should not change this drop down, you will also see now the apply button is no longer greyed out. In this state the bundle is still not for sale.

Now i have double checked my price and hit the apply button my options now look like the photo below:

For sale is checked, my price is applied, and the drop down menu shows original. This means this bundle is now for sale and anyone can purchase it for 300 lindens.

Using this method to sale your items insures that no one will buy the bundle until you have applied the price at which you want to sell it out. Its important to always check your price because once you price something even if it is a mistake anyone can come and purchased your item set for sale.

I hope this has helped some of you! Happy breeding everyone!
This is Ava over and out!


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