Stride Towards Freedom

On August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered what would be a historic speech in Washington DC. This speech would change the American Dream. Amaretto recognized MLKs fight for equality and on Jan.14,2019 released these amazing Stride Towards Freedom editions.


The Limited Editions for the horses coat did NOT pass but the Dreamer eye does.

The horses had a chance of dropping the amazing Glitter Gold Wing:


The K-9s could not be left out of this so Amaretto released the Special Edition Stride Towards Freedom K-9s, their collar and eyes DID have the ability to pass.

What did they pass? None other than the Gold Glitter Dipped Ear.


Next we have the ponie pals, with the Stride Towards Freedom Deluxe Editions:

The style did NOT have the ability to pass, however the Dreamer eyes did. You could also get a very special surprise from them which was the Gold Glitter Wing.


And last but not least, we have our duck friends. They had to be featured in their own Collector’s Editions.

The breed did NOT pass but the Dreamer eye could pass on these. And that’s not all, with breeding this collector’s edition Duck you could get a special surprise. You could get the amazing Gold Glitter Beak:

So why not get out there today and breed some of these great Glitter Gold traits.


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