Common Issues & fixes

Lets talk about server issues and what you should do when they happen, or you think they might be happening.

Server Issue Indicators:
When you go to click on a bundle and dont get its stats,
If you see a bundle that says waiting to connect to server
If you are trying to birth a bundle and the little white horse says please wait.

The server can be down or just slow. First thing to do is leave everything alone. Most of the time the server will catch up and the horse will finish birthing, the bundle will connect, and the stats box will come back. Please be patient when this happens and dont take items into inventory, or keep trying to birth bundles.

SL lag, grid issues and roll backs, seem to be regular happenings. They can cause duplications, missing items, and alot of statue horses,(non movable items).

You will need to file a ticket on missing items and duplications. On missing horses , please include the name of the horse and the UUID number if you have it.

If you have a Statue horse that can’t be picked up

1. Try a sim restart…
If this does not work….
2. Right click the horse/bundle.
3. Select “wear” from the pie menu.
4. After the horse/bundle is attached, detach the horse from your inventory.
5. If it does not detach, right click it and it should detach.

Horses not dropping their bundle

If there is any interference (with Second Life , the Amaretto Server, lag etc.) when the mare goes to drop her bundle she will go into recovery but the bundle will not automatically drop. The mare will try to contact the server again and if all the conditions are favorable the bundle will then drop. Depending on the issues stated this may take some time so just be patient.


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