We made a splash!!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone is doing well and breeding exactly what they are hoping for! I know you guys are holding your breath on the new le’s off spring which I think we will start seeing pop up in a day or two!

I wanted to talk to you guys about the A. R. U. Grand Opening as well as the dunk for a cure! We all had a lot of fun and got soaked in the process. But hey it was a good time and was for a good cause! We raised over 50k  in linden!  That went into the Relay For Life Kiosk, that will go towards our team total! I have included a couple of pics from the party!

Here we all were standing around getting to dunk one of the A.M.O.C. officers!

Josie even went for a swim!!! I can’t remember who was brave enough to dunk her!

Can you believe that someone wanted to dunk poor innocent little me?? Good thing I had my floaties on!!

On another note, the Club Amaretto event that we had on Saturday was awesome! We had over 40 people attend! We have these events to bring the community together so you guys keep attending them! We get crazy sometimes and you never know what might happen! Well until next time Happy Breeding everyone!!!!


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