Happy Friday everyone!  I was watching my K-9s play in the yard today and it got me to thinking about how really cool the K-9 sim is.  So I picked up a few “good boys” and we all went to play at the playground built special just for the K-9s!!  It was so much fun; I would definitely recommend that everyone take at least one afternoon a week to just let everything else wait while you take time to go to the park and play!  While playing at the dog park it dawned on me that all of the Amaretto sims are so very beautiful and great places to go visit and enjoy spending time with your breedables, while doing something fun!  So if you haven’t visited them in a while, or even if you have, go again!! Check out Boomtown while walking through the beautiful little town, go over to the main sim and ride your horses threw the gorgeous fields, head on over to the K-9 sim to play in the dog park. You’ve only just gotten started! Now you have to head on over to the Barnyard Bird sim and walk around before heading over to the Amaretto Ranch University campus and checking out that beyond fabulous Amaretto museum! Now you can finish out the tour de’ Amaretto by going to the Haven sim, kicking back in the field and relaxing while thinking about all the work you could be doing back at the ranch!!












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