Ask Ava!!

Hey everyone its Monday! And its time for the first installment of Ask Ava!! Our question today comes from Shanay Darwin. (hope she doesn’t mind me mentioning her LOL)
Shanay writes: “I have a question about Albinos breeding to their siblings.   We had an Albino that gave us a second generation Albino, but it gave us the same eye.   Is it possible to get a different eye from an Albino that is breeding with a sibling?  or will it only give an Albino with the same eye?”
Well Shanay, anytime an Albino is born from two siblings it can have any Albino eye. It just happens to be chance that you got the same eye two times. Anytime you breed two horses from the same parents you have the chance to have an Albino with any eye.  Guess you were just lucky!

Well sorry this post is so short the weather is not cooperating with me tonight and I wanted to be sure and  get this up. But keep your questions coming.  I will sort through them and pick one each Monday to answer! Happy breeding everyone as always I appreciate all the wonderful passionate breeders we have in Amaretto! Peace out!


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